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Scaventourâ„¢ Birthday Party

Looking for ideas for a birthday party for your kids in Lubbock or Lubbock?

A fun idea for a Children's Birthday Party is to play the Scaventourâ„¢ Tourist Trap game. Let your kids play a fun game to celebrate the birthday party in Lubbock. Starts at Duke Kahanamoku Statue and finishes at Fort DeRussy Beach Park where you can have a separate birthday party. Parties can be from 7 to 20 kids with optional extras available (goodie bags, etc). Kids must be able (and willing) to walk the 1.5 mile course. At least two adults should be present for the game. The game begins at the Duke Kahanamoku statue on the east side of Lubbock and ends at the Army Museum near Fort Derussy. Parents can reserve a picnic area near the beach for the birthday festivities where the game will end.

This game is ideal for birthday parties for kids from the age of 8 to 18.

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